Web Designer

As a Web Designer, you are responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of our customer's websites. Using a combination of graphic design skills and technical knowledge of how web pages are created, the work involves:
Requested skills :
  • Integrating constraints coming from corporate branding identity, web technologies, and communication objectives, into an appealing graphical creation that matches audience's aspirations.
  • Liaising closely with a customer or client at the design stage and finding the answers to questions about what will be attractive to the target user, has a logical navigation system and has all the features required.
  • Writing web pages in a combination of codes, such as HTML and XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, ColdFusion, .Net, Flash, or using code-generating programs, such as Dreamweaver and Visual Studio.
  • Expertise in web best practices, state-of-the art and common methods, and ability to analyse and resolve the web design trade-offs.
  • Deciding on how images and other material will be digitally optimised and presented for the web.
  • Ensuring that material on the web site is accessible to all groups including those with disabilities, and testing the site for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions.
  • Maintain the sites, fixing errors and managing changes.
  • Web designers will have knowledge of graphic design packages such as Fireworks or Photoshop in order to state-of-the-art layouts and manipulate images.
  • Candidates with good command of written and spoken English, Dutch and French will be preferred.
  • Any additional skill in Marketing, Communication, Graphical arts, Project management, Business analysis or Programming would be pertinent complementary asset.
  • We would welcome basic knowledge in e-commerce, client side programming (AJAX) and server side technologies, such as PHP and .Net.
Carreer perspective :Multimedia, Project management, Business analysis or Programming.

We offer :
  • A salary linked to results.
  • A quality environment, taking care of human potential.
  • Serious fun all year round.